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When to Hire a Ghost-Writer

Ghost-writers provide editorial substance without taking the credit, but the cast a big shadow of influence, says David Jahr.

Marketing - Public Relations

How to Meet the Challenge of Global Team Management

An overview of how a company competing globally, with multiple worldwide locations and geographically dispersed teams (GDTs), can find ways to facilitate communication and motivation among team members.

Social Media Marketing: A Necessity or a Necessary Evil?

The buzz in business today is all about Social Media Marketing and how everyone should be using it to market their company. However, not everyone can participate in every social networking site - nor should they. The challenge becomes having a good understanding of what the available options are, where your target marketing is "hanging out" online, and what would make the most sense for a small business owner's niche and specific situation.

Business Advice for Marketing - Public Relations

CRM Systems

What platform is your business using to manage customer relations?

Other Marketing Consultants Topics

Blogging: “Are you Human”?

Blogging is a great way for a small business owner to engage, relation and communicate with his/her target marketing. Automated systems for Internet marketing method such as blogging are available, but how effective are they really? The answer of course is, "it depends"...

Churchill, Demosthenes and You

To be all that you can be as a speaker you need to take lessons from the masters...Churchill and Demosthenes

Defining the Art of Writing

A look at the nuts and bolts issues that determine the quintessential ingredients that most distinguish good writing,k especially for corporate communications and PR, from the runners-up and also-rans of the writing realm.

Don't Underestimate the Value of a Relationship

As technology becomes more advanced and people increase their use of the Internet, some basic principles of human behavior and business prevail - those being relationships and reputation.

Marketing During a World News Disaster

How should a business in the US respond to the news of Japans earthquake today? With prayers and support - of course, but how does it affect your daily grind?

QR Coding and Mobile Marketing

In recent years and with the launch of new communication technology platform, marketers and small business owners scramble for the next big thing or smart way to reach potential customers. With the popularity of smart phones and other mobile devices, QR codes have evolved as the new route to garner audience attention.

Social Media 101 - Do you have a plan?

A short article to ask you a couple key questions about your social media efforts.

Social Media Marketing - What is it Really?

What is this thing called "Social Media Marketing" that everyone is talking about and why should you, as a small business owners, participate in some form to help promote your brand?

The Secret...Oprah speaks on the Law of Attraction

If you are at a point in your life where you feel like you deserve more and realize you are here to do something great with your life, yet are facing difficulties with taking the necessary steps that will bring about transformation in your life, then this blog was written just for you!

Total Transparency or TMI?

When does sharing of information on the world wide web become over-share?

Why and at what point do you need a Publicist?

Have you been wondering just what exactly a Publicist does and if your company really needs one?

Why Your Small Business Needs a Website

Every small business needs a website. However, a recent survey found that over half of small businesses do not have an official company website.

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