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Sales Professionals

Killer Sales Presentations

Speaking effectively is extremely crucial for success in sales but it is the combination of speaking and visual presentation that puts you over the top. From “29i – Mastering Your Sales Psyche”

No Pitch, No Poke (or, What Does it Takes to Make the Sale?)

Sales and order-taking - this article discerns the difference putting both into perspective.

Sales: Art or Science... DISCIPLINE

We've all heard arguments about whether sales is an art or a science. It's neither, and both...

Selling for People Who Don't Like Selling

Is the ability to sell "nurture" or "nature?"? Can anyone learn to be a good salesperson? Out with the old ideas of selling, in with the new. You might be better at selling than you think, if you retool your mindset.

Separate Suspects From Prospects and Watch Your Sales Revenues Skyrocket

How Efficiently Do You Qualify Your Sales Prospects? Before you spend hours preparing, presenting and then jumping through hoops for any prospect, take a little time to figure out if it’s worth your effort.

Setting Appointments on the Telephone: How to Qualify the Decision Maker in a Prospecting Cold Call

Setting appointments with unqualified prospects will cost you mountains of time and a ton of money. One of the main reasons sales people do not properly qualify for the true decision maker is because many sales people still operate under the old Smile and Dial mentally. Out of fear of failure and the expectation of rejection, sales people, often intentionally fail to properly qualify or identify the true decision maker. Though the method taught in this article may seem a bit radical to some; it works.

Business Advice for Sales Professionals

What Is Your Unique Selling Position?

Knowing the outstanding differences between your competitors' businesses and yours can help you determine how to compel clients to switch to you or choose you over your competitors.

Other Marketing Consultants Topics

9 Common Sins Salespeople Make

Sales tips and ideas ... in this case, what NOT to do

Equipment Financing - beyond the copier and into the heart of ministry

With 130 banks closed in 2009, tithing and special offerings down, many churches are looking at options to afford their much-needed technology upgrades, renovations, and other projects.

How To Eliminate Trade Show Sales

Trade shows have developed into one of the foremost ways for companies to market their products and services. Too often, personnel with the responsibility of performing booth duty — whether it be salespeople, managers, technical people, or office personnel — find themselves the least prepared to handle the job. Studies have shown that the following problems are being faced regularly by the people who work the booths at trade shows.

Improving Your Skills: Your Way to Be More Persuasive.

Every business person is a marketer. The skills of a marketer need to be sharp and ready to be used at any time. When you improve your skills constantly, you become more persuasive and effective in any industry.

Making New Business Development a Priority

For organizations that don’t have a sales force, it’s really important to make business development a priority. Too many times I have encountered a culture where business development was viewed as something that needed to be done (begrudgingly) and nobody took ownership. Somebody within your organization has to own sales and business development.

Sales & Mindset and Why It Effects Performance

There are so many sales people who seem to be successful, because they are always busy, always on the phone, always meeting with prospects but there pipeline doesn't reflect their activity. Some of them make the phone calls that so many others dread. Others really use their database in a very effective way but sales just don't happen.

Sales Process: Are You Selling or Helping?

What does your sales process make you do for your prospect. Are you selling or helping?

Still Touting Your Product’s Features and Benefits? No Wonder Sales Are Tough to Come By

Sales techniques, like fashions, go in and out of style quickly. Once upon a time, salespeople found some measure of success simply by plugging their product or service and telling sales prospects about all the special features that made it (or them) different than the competition. That process simply doesn’t work anymore.

Promotional Articles - Sales Professionals

The Four Personality Types

Experts have determined that there are four major personality types, requiring a unique script or code. We have named these four types B.A.N.K.™ – Blueprint, Action, Nurturing, Knowledge.

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